Berroco Sox Metallic

I tend to be a methodical, logical shopper but there are certain things that I will buy over and over again with no hint of buyer's remorse. Little blank notebooks, black cardigans, lip Berroco Sox Metallicbalm...these purchases feel like sensible luxuries because they'll always get used and it's great to have an extra within reach at all times. Sock yarn definitely falls into this category. It tends to be my go-to choice for a souvenir when I travel—I can always find a unique hand-dyed skein, it fits easily into my luggage and it's so full of possibility.
Berroco Sox Metallic

Berroco Sox™ Metallic is my latest souvenir skein. It meets the sock yarn criteria many of us expect—it's a durable, machine washable blend of wool and nylon (the same blend as Berroco Sox™) and it comes in a striping array of cheerful tropical colors. What's special about this yarn is that each colorway boasts a coordinating strand of glittering gold or silver filament. It adds a subtle bit of charm and unlike some metallic novelty yarns it doesn't itch or scratch in the slightest.

Free PatternsThere are literally thousands of sock patterns out there but if you're like me you see tons of non-sock potential in those 100 grams of goodness.
We had a lot of fun coming up with some possibilities from the Stroll socks to Radius armwarmers.

Stroll SocksStarlet

Happy Knitting!

Cirilia Rose