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BonsaiSlink your way through a heat wave in these coquettish, cooling layers in our favorite summer yarns. Bonsai® Seduceand Seduce® are summer staples and now you can enjoy them in shimmering variegated colorways. Bonsai® Colors is an evocative printed ribbon yarn made from bamboo. A hint of nylon shine wraps around the strand to evoke the markings on a stalk of bamboo. Seduce® Colors has all of the incomparable drape and texture of silken Seduce but comes in a range of 5 shimmering summer tinged hues.
Bonsai ColorsSeduce Colors

Booklet #283Booklet #283 Seduce & Bonsai  These garments are sophisticated but easygoing. The knitting is summer paced as well with easy self-finishing edges and an emphasis on clean lines with minimally fussy detailing. Slinky and slenderizing, take these tops on vacation. Be sure to watch the audio slideshow for views seen nowhere else and hear some inside dish on the design process, photo shoots and garment details.

Next week I'm excited to share Booklet #284 Family Comfort, a pattern collection stuffed to the hilt with garments sized to fit the entire family.

  Blanaid Branna Brigid Sile  
  Sorcha Bronagh Sheelagh Sibeal  

Our free pattern Fascinate uses an easy wrap and drop stitch. The circle pullover, Bronagh, shown in today's featured Booklet 283 uses the same technique. Try it out in the scarf and the pullover will be a piece of cake.

Free Pattern - Fascinate

Knit in Peruvia
Skill level: Easy
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Ultra® Alpaca Fine


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