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The majority of today's sweater patterns fall into two categories. You can make a sweater by knitting individual pieces and sewing them together or knitting a tube of fabric (with sleeves of course) in one piece, either from the top down or the bottom up. Both methods are time tested and well represented in both our booklets and our free pattern archives. But...sometimes you're itching to try something new.

This week we've put together a collection of sweaters that defy categorization. My friend Amy would call most of these "schwaletters," a made up term she used to describe the amorphous drape-y sort of garment that seems to be a shawl, a scarf, a sweater and a shrug all at once. Versatile and flattering, they can be a real boon to a stagnant wardrobe. They're fun to knit, too! Just pick a favorite color and cast on...

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