Review of Vintage Baby Knit Vintage Baby KnitsThere are a wealth of baby patterns available for the expectant or doting knitter. STC CRAFT, AN IMPRINT OF STEWART, TABORI & CHANG can be counted upon to present beautifully curated collections that standout as classics the moment they are published. This week, I have the Vintage Bay Knitspleasure of introducing Vintage Baby Knits, a collection of re-worked patterns from designer, collector and vintage clothing dealer Kristen Rengren.

Her book highlights a truism about knitting patterns, that most of them are an amalgam of inspirations from many sources. Vintage Baby KnitsOriginality lies in her modern yarn choices and updated sizing and styling. Rengren dedicates her book to the uncredited designers who, for the most part never held the copyrights to their patterns.

Vintage Baby KnitsRengren gives plenty of decade specific historical context. She also gives working definitions for outdated and vague yarn classifications, translating terms like Saxony and Shetland Floss. She offers great advice on choosing yarns for baby garments, stressing that washability, durability and softness are the key factors when knitting for little ones. Interestingly, she recommends wool-nylon sock yarns for their hard-wearing fiber blend and because they knit at gauge similar to the yarns called for in vintage patterns.

Many Berroco yarns would fit Rengren's criteria. The colors of Berroco Sox™ and Berroco Sox™ Metallic would certainly modernize any pattern that calls for fingering weight yarn. Johnny Boy from our free pattern archive and Saige from our booklet archive both make use of the sturdy self-striping yarn.

The itch-free, machine washable Comfort® family also makes a perfect choice. It comes in a wide range of weights and shade from Comfort® Baby to Comfort® Chunky, making it suitable for any of the patterns in Vintage Baby Knits, or a classic Berroco pattern like Truck.

Rengren has graciously provided us with an exclusive pattern, Blossom Cardi, a sweet sweater knit in Pure® Pima. Though this high quality cotton provides a touch of luxury for a new baby, it is just as easy to care for as its Comfort cousins.

Free Pattern - Blossom Cardi   Blossom Cardi - detail

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