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Free Pattern - Jubilee   Jubilee - detail

Knit in Ultra® Alpaca Fine
Skill level: Intermediate
FREE pattern instructions

Ultra® Alpaca Fine

Jubilee is a playful scarf that combines plaited texture and airy openwork, knit in Ultra® Alpaca Fine. Read more below to discover the secret to beautiful finished objects like this one.

Have you ever been disappointed by a finished object? As I've said in previous issues, finishing is a crucial part of the knitting process and inadequate attention to finishing can be the difference between a ho-hum project and a knockout finished garment. Blocking is a alchemical process that has the ability to turn a knitted project from a rumpled mess into a smooth and even beauty. There are several blocking tricks that can take a FO from schlumpy to chic; visit the Berroco Design Studio blog where we'll show you how blocking can bolster your knitting. Plus, if you leave a comment, you'll have a chance to win a free blocking kit and blocking wires.

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