This week we'll take a closer look at Pure® Pima, a new yarn in the Berroco line that will undoubtedly be a favorite for years to come. Our pima cotton is grown in Peru and boasts an extra long staple. A long staple length means that the finished yarn has great tensile strength and knits into a smooth, even fabric.

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Skill level: Intermediate
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Pure Pima

I was inspired to create five uniquely summery colorways for Layout, this week's free tank top pattern. All of the Pure Pima colors seem to work in concert, but if you're making up your own colorway a good rule of thumb is several neutral shades and one or two bright colors.
4 Colorways for Layout

Pure PimaPure Pima is unique in that it contains both mercerized and unmercerized cotton strands, plied in a way that highlights the best of both treatments. Mercerization is a process that increases cotton's luster and reduce pilling. Unmercerized cotton has a matte appearance and a soft, cotton-ball like feel. These two finishes create a subtle play between shine and subdued softness, increasing the interest of the the fantastic colors.

Norah chose the 35 colors in a range of shades that are subtle and inspired by the natural world. Regardless of the pairing, the colors seem to work together because they were chosen as a set. In a way, you can think of Pure Pima as Norah's crayons (or perhaps watercolors).

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