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This season Norah decided to take her talent and tackle menswear in Norah Gaughan|Men, a book filled with 16 masculine patterns. While it isn't Norah's first foray into the world of sweaters for gents (blog readers will recall the famous boyfriend sweater for her now-fiance John, pattern available here)

It is the first Norah Gaughan pattern collection dedicated exclusively to sweaters that were designed with men in mind. Norah chose many of her favorite classics from the Berroco line, such as Berroco Peruvia® and Berroco Peruvia® Quick, Ultra® Alpaca and Ultra® Alapca Light and Cuzco®. Sweaters like Wilson and Devon will serve as handsome armor against bitter winter chills.

PeruviaPeruvia QuickUltra® AlpacaUltra® Alpaca Light
CuzcoPure PimaPure MerinoVintage

Norah also chose several yarns that she felt were uniquely suited to men's wardrobes'. Pure® Pima and Pure® Merino are both refined, non-itchy yarns that come in a range of tasteful colors. Sweaters like Geoffroy and Silures look polished and office appropriate. BeagleAudio Slideshow, knit in Vintage™ is a casual gansey that will be perfect for people who require low-maintenance sweaters.

Be sure to listen to this week's audio slideshow to hear Norah and I discuss favorite details and stories from the set. Next week will bring a new free pattern and an educational how-to video.

  Devon Devon Hat Jura Silures  
  Geoffroy Wilson Feldspar Wilson Hat  
  Gull Hat Beagle Gull Cuvier  
  Jura Scarf Feldspar Scarf Cuvier Scarf Beagle Scarf  

Free PatternsDrift is a long line cardigan with gansey style texture and clean finishing details. It borrows stitch patterns from a men's pullover (Beagle in Norah Gaughan|Men) but the addition of subtle waist shaping make it a womanly classic.

Free Pattern - Drift Detail - Drift

Knit in Vintage™
Skill level: Intermediate
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