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Free Patterns 
Our indisputably adorable baby cardigan, Speckle is this week's free pattern. Knit in four colors of Pure® Pima in an easy (we promise) slip stitch pattern. We've backed up our promise with a tutorial video, Slipped Stitch Color Work, showing how to work the color pattern.


Speckle - Free Pattern   Speckle - detail

Knit in Pure® Pima
Skill level: Easy
FREE Pattern Instructions

Pure Pima

By the way, I'm writing to you from Portland, Oregon. I'm here at the first annual Sock Summit showing off Berroco sock yarns Berroco Sox™, Berroco Sox™ Metallic, Comfort® Sock and Berroco Ultra® Alpaca Fine. By far, the most exciting event at the Summit is anything having to do with Barbara Walker, the grand doyenne of stitch patterns. One of Barbara's favorite tricks was slipped stitch color work, or what she called mosaic knitting.

SpeckleTo me, slipped stitch patterns feel like the knitting equivalent of a perfect caprese salad—fast, practically effortless but colorful, scrumptious results. While Fair Isle and intarsia require managing multiple colors at once, slipped stitch only uses one color per row. Video Tutotial - Slipped Stitch Patterns

If you'd like to see a demonstration of this neat knitter's trick, watch this week's tutorial video, Slipped Stitch Color Work. Afterwards, dive into Speckle, a free sweater that uses four colors of Pure® Pima, but never more than one per row.

QuixoticLook for similar slipped stitch color patterns in our recent booklet patterns Gull and Gull Hat from Norah Gaughan|Men. Seemingly elaborate patterns can also be made with the same technique. This is beautifully illustrated by our pattern Quixotic from Booklet #281 Cuzco® & Peruvia® Quick, based on a pattern from one of Barbara Walker's own books.

Berroco Sock Star Competition Sock Star Competition
Get in touch with your Inner Designer, pick up one of our sock-friendly yarns and enter our Sock Star Competition by August 31st. You could win $250 and have your design featured in an upcoming Berroco collection.

Happy Knitting,

Cirilia Rose