Audio Slideshow - Booklet #290
I am especially excited to write this week’s KnitBits because this week I'm introducing Booklet #290 Vintage™: Arts and Crafts. This is the first booklet devoted to our instant classic Vintage™, and as you'll hear in the audio slideshow, this is my very first collection of sweater patterns. I'm thrilled with both!

We’re proud to introduce Vintage™, our new instant classic. Vintage is a soft wool, acrylic and nylon blend that is unlike any other machine-washable blend. Knitting with Vintage is effortless and the finished fabric is soft and easy to care for, suitable for any wearer.

I named the Vintage™ Booklet Arts and Crafts as a nod to the age group it was designed for. While the sizes do go all the way up to a ladies large, the focus here was on the often ignored tween set which ranges from around 8 to 12 years old. I hoped to recapture the joy of crafting with sweaters like Miroux, that call for fabric covered buttons and Diorama which requires scads of buttons. I also kept comfort in mind, aiming for sweaters that will be easy to wear, like Stefane, which has built in handwarmers and Gondry, a hoodie with a deep neckline that is easy to take on and off.

I hope you enjoy reconnecting with your inner tween, or sharing this collection with the tweens and teens in your life.Audio Slideshow

As usual, we’ve put together a collection of exclusive close-ups and alternate views in our audio slideshow. Norah and I discuss our favorite details and share stories from behind the scenes.

  Diorama & Synch Miroux Gondry Reves  
  Golden Tricoter Stefane Random & Parallel  

Free PatternsWishshaw is a long cardigan coat, knit in Comfort® Chunky, emblazoned with diagonal chevron texture and deep ribbing at the cuffs and hems. Knit and modeled in a size L, this sweater has an urban sensibility with a country house comfort.

Free Pattern - Wishshaw Detail - Wishshaw

Knit in Comfort® Chunky
Skill level: Intermediate
FREE pattern instructions
Comfort Chunky

Happy knitting,

Cirilia Rose

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