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Booklet #291 Berroco Comfort® | Book for Girls is an adorable collection for the little ladies in your life. We've put together a selection of basics with just the right balance of practicality and whimsy. From the abbreviated sleeves on Flume to the pompon details on Skee, the sweaters are equally at home in the classroom and on the playground. Watch this week's audio slideshow to learn more about the Booklet #291 Berroco Comfort Book for Girls collection.

Now in its 5th season, Berroco Comfort® is a classic. It has changed most people's minds about knitting with non-wool fibers. I will be the first to admit that my favorite thing to have on my needles in usually an all-natural fiber, but there are some cases where that just isn't practical. Knitting for children is one particular case where washability and softness trump my desire for fresh from the farm wool.
Berroco Comfort

That's where Berroco Comfort comes in. With so many colors to choose from, you'll be able to please any picky person's palette, and little ones will exclaim over how soft their new Comfort sweaters are. Comfort comes in a wide range of weights from lighter ones like Comfort Baby, Comfort Sock and Comfort DK to the sweater friendly worsted Comfort and quick-knitting Comfort Chunky. We have a great selection of free patterns for all weights as well as a growing collection of booklets devoted to Comfort. Get to know the Comfort collection today.

  Flume Skee Midway Ferris  
  Taffy Caramel Bonfire Candy  

Free PatternsCalvertFerrisYou may recognize the Baby Ferris has quite a pedigree. Norah designed Ferris from Booklet #291 as a small scale version of Calvert from Norah Gaughan Vol. 3. Now ladies of all sizes can enjoy a comfortable sweater with just the right amount of knitterly detail.

Free Pattern - Baby Ferris Detail - Baby Ferris

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