Audio Slideshow - Norah Gaughan, vol. 5
We’re coming to the end of our exploration of the Fall/Winter pattern collection but I think you’ll agree that we’ve saved the best for last. This week, take a closer look at the first story in Norah Gaughan vol.5. It is called Fly Away and it is full of classic silhouettes embellished with softly draping flounces.

It is also an exploration of what different yarns will do when they're draped around the body. A sweater like Cormorant highlights the differences between Ultra® Alpaca and Ultra® Alpaca Fine but also takes advantage of their dyed to match shades. Osprey and Grebe are two accessories that explore the mixed media approach further to great effect, with felted textures and varying fabric weights adding panache. Plover and Anhinga are more down to earth with luxurious but sedate flourishes knit in smooth, silky yarns like Inca® Gold and Pure® Merino.

Listen to this week’s audio slideshow to hear an informal interview with Norah, and stay tuned for the second half of the book Bright Women.

  Cormorant Plover Grebe Anhinga  
  Willet Osprey Heron    

Free PatternsThis week’s free patterns are an extension of the garments in Norah Gaughan vol.5 Fly Away story. Avocet A is an easy garter stitch cardigan with feminine waist shaping. Light as air inserts of Ultra Alpaca Fine form front godets. Avocet B is a simplified version, an easy elegant garter stitch cardigan with feminine waist shaping. Both will easily fit into your fall wardrobe.

Free Pattern - Avocet A
Detail - Avocet A

Knit in Ultra® Alpaca &
Ultra® Alpaca Fine
Skill level: Intermediate
FREE pattern instructions
Ultra Alpaca Fine

  Free Pattern - Avocet B
Detail - Avocet B

Knit in Ultra® Alpaca
Skill level: Easy
FREE pattern instructions
Ultra Alpaca

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