Norah Gaughan MenThe excitement over the Norah Gaughan Men isn't over yet! By now you've probably had a chance to pick a favorite from the collection of wearable masterpieces but did you know that these patterns aren't just for gentlemen? We╩╝ve always advocated Pruethe "borrowed from your boyfriend" sweater look (such as Prue from Booklet #277 Peruvia™) The patterns in Norah Gaughan Men start at 36", which means these sweaters can easily be worn by most women. Scroll down to see 4 size small samples from the book, reknit in more feminine colors.

There are several things to think about, however. Because the sleeves are written for men they might be on the long side for ladies, but cuffs can easily be turned back or shortened while you're knitting. Since there is no waist shaping to keep track of you can dive into the knitting and be finished in no time. Ladies AND gentlemen, if you're looking for a relaxed classic that will be in style for many seasons to come, look no further than Norah Gaughan Men.

Beagle knit in Vintage™
#5182 Black Currant

Wilson knit in Peruvia®
#7130 Moonstone


Gull knit in Pure®Merino DK
#4574 Chocolate and #4532 Brick

Jura knit in Cuzco™
#9632 Achiote

These are the originals from Norah Gaughan Men, knit in size L.
NG Men - Beagle NG Men - Gull NG Men - Wilson NG Men - Jura

Free PatternsCelsian, knit in Blackstone Tweed™, continues our borrowed from the boys theme. Gorgeously gathered with a feminine fit, the stripe pattern is exactly the same as Feldspar from Norah Gaughan Men.

Free Pattern - Celsian

Knit in
Blackstone Tweed™
Skill level: Intermediate
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Blackstone Tweed
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