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Jejune, knit in two shades of Berroco Inca® Gold, is an intriguing take on a textured hat that uses slipped and dropped stitches to create bubbled ridges. This hat is knit in the round for an uninterrupted appearance.


Jejune - Free Pattern  

Knit in
Berroco Inca® Gold
Skill level: Intermediate
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Berroco Inca Gold
Berroco Inca Gold
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Norah, Donna and I work in an open office where it is very easy for quick questions to devolve into friendly debates, often about knitting methods. We’re always reading your feedback and we kept hearing one comment about our Video - KnitBits Back & Forth: Hatshat patterns over and over: “Why wasn’t this written to be knit in the round?” That question always sets off a flurry of comments volleyed back and forth between our desks. This week, we’re going to share our Back & Forth with you as we discuss whether hats should be knit flat or in the round: See our video

We also want to know what you think.
How do you knit your hats? Why do you prefer one or the other? Are you likely to convert a pattern that is not written the way you prefer to knit your hats?
Let us know

These hats are knit in the round.
Dizzy and Graham both use a spiraling
stitch pattern that is easy to knit
on circular needles.


These hats are knit flat and
then seamed.
The seams on Lyre are used as a design detail. Familiar stitch patterns in Buffalo, Nutmeg and Cosmos are worked without modification.

Emaco Graham   Cosmos Lyre
Dizzy Gryla's Howl   Nutmeg Buffalo


Happy Knitting,

Cirilia Rose