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Crochet is a fantastic way to finish your knits. You can embellish the surface of your knits and finish edges. It can add stability or a feminine frill. Lengths of crocheted Crochetchain stitch can be used in place of i-cord wherever you need a drawstring. You can also use a crocheted chain as the foundation of a provisional cast-on. I’ve put together a few videos so you can see how to work these simple crochet techniques:
Chain Stitch Single Crochet Crab Stitch Scalloped Edging
If you find that you enjoy finishing your knits with crochet, perhaps you'd like to try a project that combines the two crafts. We have several options listed on the right side of this page. Grid has a knit body and crocheted front lapels. Tympany is finished with single crochet and chain stitch, and the long shiny legs of Jellyfish are made of crocheted chain. In our booklets you might enjoy combo patterns Napoleon and Lil Eva.

Free PatternsOf course, if you’re already a crocheter you can tackle an entire project. May I suggest starting with this week's free pattern, Shoal. Shoal is a gorgeous crocheted variation on traditional Shetland Hap shawls which have a plain central panel and gracefully waving lace edges. Crocheted in oceanic shades of Ultra® Alpaca Fine, this shawl can be worn as a luxurious wrap or used as a small lap throw. Crocheters may want to check out our Free Crochet Patterns and Booklet Crochet Patterns, as well.

Free Pattern - Shoal Crocheted in
Ultra® Alpaca Fine
Skill level: Intermediate
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Ultra Alpaca Fine
Ultra Alpaca Fine
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