Norah Gaughan, vol. 6, Hyperbole
Norah Gaughan vol.6 Norah Gaughan vol.6 Hyperbole - Preview
Norah Gaughan vol.6 Hyperbole - Audio Slideshow
Norah Gaughan, vol. 6, Hyperbole

What happens when Norah knits Hyperbole? We start our exploration of Norah Gaughan vol. 6 by delving into the Hyperbole collection, 7 pieces that use summer friendly yarns like Berroco Pure® Pima and Seduce®. All of the garments are knit in Pure Pima, a well-balanced blend of mercerized and unmercerized plies that come in a wide range of zingy colors. The Rhenana wrap is knit in cool, silky Seduce and coordinates well with all of the other hyperbolic knits.

Pure Pima
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The “excess” of these patterns comes in the form of well planned ruffles and embellishments. Each pattern is engineered to be a stimulating, logical knit. Here are some highlights from the collection, be sure to watch the audio slideshow to get the full story behind each of these beautiful garments.

Peltigera is an innovative tank top with crescent shaped cutouts on each side and a loosely ruffled front that creates a casual, flattering silhouette. A tapered adornment decorates the simple crew neck and because it is attached with a quick chain of crochet stitches, it can easily be removed and reapplied as desired. Wear with linen palazzo pants or voluminous cuffed shorts.

Parasola is a simple t-shirt with puffed sleeves and a gently gathered neckline. The bottom of the a-line tee features yo-yo accents which are easy and interesting: holes are knit right into the tee front and stitches are picked up and worked in an openwork stitch, then gathered to form the swirling adornments.

Cerrena, the lower half of this tank is knit sideways. Openwork ruffles decorate the bodice and are easy to attach when you follow the slip stitch guidelines. Cerrena pairs well with full peasant skirts or skinny white jeans...just don’t forget strappy sandals (and perhaps a pedicure to match...?)

  Peltigera Tremella Cerrena Parasola  
  Laccaria Aurantia Rhenana    

Norah Gaughan vol.6 Hyperbole - Preview


Free PatternsYo Yo Tote, a deceptively simple openwork yo-yo adorns this fun mini tote. The yo-yo insert is borrowed from Parasola in Norah Gaughan vol 6.

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Yo Yo Tote
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