Beautiful Beginnings: Classic Cast-Ons

How-To Video: Favorite Cast On's Free Pattern - Johannes

You've assembled your yarn, wound it into balls or those neat little cakes you can make on a ball winder. You've scrounged up the proper needles and assembled a pile of stitch markers. You're ready to launch into a new project. Almost every project begins with a cast-on row. Many new knitters struggle with this initial step and the rows that follow it, while more experienced knitters will often How-To Video: Favorite Cast On'sfall into a cast-on rut, using the same one for all of their projects. There are myriad methods for Casting On and I am happy to share some of the classics with you this week.

Free Patterns Johannes is a flattering short sleeved cardigan knit in a waving openwork stitch pattern.

Johannes - Free Pattern  

Knit in Berroco Origami™
Skill level: Intermediate
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Berroco Origami

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