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How-To Video: Simple Knit Stitch Free Pattern - Truro

How many knit stitches do you think you have made? It isn't a question many knitters consider (unless you're dutifully casting on hundreds of stitches for a large scale project), but it is a surprising one. Even a simple hat can contain a thousand stitches, and yet, we make them almost reflexively, never stopping to ponder their properties. Today I'd like to take an up-close look at the simple knit stitch, several ways How-To Video: Simple Knit Stitchto make them and a few factoids about the little loop that brings us so much joy. Click here to watch our knit stitch video, and don't miss Truro, a beautiful summer tee that uses only knit stitches.

Free Patterns Truro a 100% purl-free tee knit mostly in the round! A wide neckline has a small notch which is the perfect place to stow your sunglasses.

Truro - Free Pattern  

Knit in Berroco Bonsai™
Skill level: Easy
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