Demystifying Cable Charts

How-To Video:Cable Charts Free Pattern - Rockport

Knitters are profoundly visual people, which is why so many of us enjoy working from charts. Lace, colorwork and cables can all be easily represented in a grid-life format that resembles the intended outcome. Even though there is an inherent logic to these charts, How-To Video: Cable Chartsthere are tips and tricks that will help a first time chart user, and we've made a video to help you decipher these invaluable helpers. Rockport, this week's free pattern, is the perfect place to test out your new chart reading skills.

Free Patterns Rockport is a cardigan for the young at heart. Knit in a cotton blend, this zippered sweater won't overheat, and the textured fabric is sure to entertain the knitter.

Rockport - Free Pattern  

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Skill level: Intermediate
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