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How-To Video: Knitted & Cable Cast-On Free Pattern - Buginarug

Knitters can easily fall into ruts, using the same colors, the same old reliable techniques over and over. I always tell knitting students to choose a project that will require that you learn a new skill. This is the best way to motivate yourself into being a better knitter. This week, I'll demonstrate two cast-on techniques that you might not already know, the knitted and cable cast-ons. How-To VideosIn this week's free pattern, Buginarug, Norah used the cable cast-on and a clever weaving trick to create a lightning fast, completely au courant accessory. Watch Cable Cast-Ons video tutorials here.

Free Patterns A simple ladder formed with bind off and cast ons is magically transformed by an intertwined stripe of garter stitch in this cowl.

Buginarug - Free Pattern  

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