Choosing A Size

Many of us are ready to cast-on for a new fall sweater. Before a single stitch is knit, you have to determine what size you'll make. Some knitters find this an anxiety inducing task that requires a lot of guesswork, but with a bit of pattern studying, you'll be able to easily choose your perfect size. Berroco patterns list the exact finished bust measurement at the beginning of the instructions and on the schematic. This puts the power in your hands—you can decide how you would like that sweater to fit.

♦  First find your bust measurement. Note, this is NOT your bra band size; instead, measure at the fullest point of your chest.

♦  Decide how much ease you would like. The difference between your bust measurement and the finished garment is called ease. Some sweaters will look better with little to no ease: lace patterns, ribbed sweaters, anything meant to be body conscious. Others should have a bit more ease: slouchy, comfortable sweaters that are meant to be layered and anything in a bulky yarn. If a style is meant to be oversized we note it near the size descriptions.

♦  If you're not sure how much ease you like, find a piece of clothing you already own that you enjoy the fit of and measure that for a good starting point. It's a great way to find your ideal sleeve and body length too.

These tips will have you well on your way to a perfectly fitting garment.

Free Patterns This versatile hooded vest, knit in Blackstone Tweed™, can be worn belted or loose and open. Either way, this cozy layer will be a go-to garment this winter. See the non-hooded Blackstone Tweed Chunky version here.

Truman - Free Pattern  

Knit in Blackstone Tweed™
Skill level: Easy
FREE pattern instructions


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