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Holiday GiftsKnitting for the holidays is not for the faint of heart. Leisurely knitting by a fireplace? More like frantic all-nighters, fueled by marshmallow laced hot cocoa. The best way to keep your holiday knitting stress free is to choose just a few loved ones to knit for each year. Take note of the folks who love and use the knits youve given them in the past, and pick up a gift card for that uncle who is always too warm. Choose items that will work up quickly, versatile items like hats and vests that can easily add some fiberous panache to anyone's wardrobe. And save some cocoa for me!

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Chakna Charity Mademoiselle
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Free Patterns This crochet scarf, Beseme, is a play on scale. Super bulky yarn becomes a flirty lace web; the whole project takes only a few hours to make, but the impact will last all winter long.

Beseme - Free Pattern  

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Skill level: Intermediate
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