Fit for a Gift

Many of us have started the exciting process of knitting for the holidays. While others are stuck in mall parking garages, we're happily combing through our stashes for the perfect projects to knit for our loved ones. We've already shared some of our favorite pattern picks, but this week I thought I'd share some of my tips for yarn selection.

VintageBerroco ComfortBerroco Jasper

Unless you're absolutely sure that the recipient understands and appreciates pure wool, it might be best to stick with a machine-washable blend like Vintage™. Besides the common refrain of "wool is itchy," we all know that hours of knitting can be ruined in one laundry cycle. Best not to risk it! If a person prefers to avoid wool altogether, turn to Berroco Comfort®, the soft super fine nylon-acrylic blend that comes in nearly 100 shades. If you're knitting for a wool lover, indulge them with Berroco Jasper®, a soft merino single ply with fascinating stripe effects. Whatever you're knitting, remember to include a small note that tells the giftee a bit about the fiber. I like to tell them why I thought they'd like a particular fiber, and how to care for it. Never miss a chance to spread a little yarn love!

Free Patterns Gamut is a delightfully easy striped hat gets a playful boost from two adorable tassels. Echelon, this happy hat is a modern riff on the classic crocheted granny square.


knit in Berroco Jasper®
Skill level: Easy
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Berroco Jasper®
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crocheted in Vintage™
Skill level: Intermediate
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