The Kid's Table

Knitting for kids can be delightful. Besides reveling in all the bright colors children love, the knitting seems to fly by since you're working on a smaller scale than you're used to. There are special considerations, however. Debates rage over whether or not to dress babies and children in pure wool; if you're in doubt, you might want to opt for a wool-free yarn like Berroco Comfort® or Berroco Weekend™. If wool isn't a problem, choose Vintage™, a yarn that can stand up to the washing machine. Look over our list of kids' patterns with your favorite youngster, and let them pick their favorite color. The more involved they are from the beginning, the more likely they are to wear their new sweater.

Free Patterns
Moppet Carry Bag Anupriya
Truck Catch Sofo
Booklet Patterns
Fairchild Arshile Beet
Paz Nightowl - Karaoke Sebright

Free Patterns Nantasket, this chunky drop-shoulder pullover with Gansey styling will warm your favorite little one.

Nantasket - Free Pattern  

knit in
Vintage™ Chunky
Skill level: Easy
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Vintage™ Chunky

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