The Cardigan Review

Here at Berroco we try to keep an eye on trends. That means constantly surveying what is going on in fashion and the knitting world, and which of our patterns are getting the most love. Over and over, the most beloved patterns are CARDIGANS! Cardigans are slightly more labor-intensive to knit, but knitters seem up to the challenge. The wardrobe versatility and flattering look of a cardigan is pretty irresistible (they can double as maternity sweaters too). I've put together a table of some of our favorites for you to revisit. Visit our pattern archives for even more choices, and don't miss my cardigan tips blog post.

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Mead Drift Cirrus
Mayer Bodmin Aidez
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Aegrina Rafik Cleese
Astor Rannach MacGowan

Free Patterns Hathersage, this sophisticated cardigan has just enough cheekiness to stave off wardrobe boredom. This sweater can be worn in a more traditional way simply by changing the buttonhole location.

Hathersage - Free Pattern  

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