No Sew Seaming

How-To Video: 3 needle BO Free Pattern - Buckland detail

One of our on-going missions has been to take the fear out of finishing. We've shown you how to sew a perfectly neat shoulder seam video. This week we'll show you our favorite no-seam way to finish a shoulder. Not only is it fast and easier than sewing a shoulder seam in the usual way, How-To Videosbut it offers unique structural benefits with very little extra work. Watch our video to get the scoop on the three needle bind-off, which is required for Buckland, this week's free pattern.

Free PatternsBuckland is a loose no-sew, knockaround pullover knit side-to-side in our bulky yarn, Berroco Peruvia® Quick.

Buckland - Free Pattern  

Knit in
Berroco Peruvia® Quick
Skill level: Intermediate
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Berroco Peruvia Quick

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