Vogue Knitting Live: Berroco Fashion Show
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Vogue Knitting Live videoWe've made it almost all the way through our Spring/Summer 2011 line, and in just a few short months we'll be debuting our Fall/Winter 2011 collection. It's true, the fashion calendar is a bit out of whack, but we know that knitting knows no true season. Most of us will knit with whatever fiber we want in whatever weather we are enjoying (or enduring) at the moment! With that in mind, I'd like to share a memento from this January's inaugural Vogue Knitting Live, a live fashion show featuring garments from our last collection. Watching our Fall 2010 garments in motion will give you a whole new perspective on past favorites. See a list of all the garments featured on the runway here, and read more about my NYC adventure here.

Free Patterns Keep your style high (even on bad hair days) with Claudja, an easy kerchief with a beaded hem.

Claudja - Free Pattern  

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Berroco Glint™
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Berroco Glint™

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