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HAPPY EARTH DAY!  Here in the Berroco offices, we're continually trying to make small changes in our personal lives to conserve precious resources and celebrate the natural world. From walking to work to recyling the piles of magazines and catalogs we read, we're all of the opinion that ecological efforts are habits worth developing.

When we realized that Earth Day fell on a Friday this year, it felt perfectly natural to comission a design from Kristen TenDyke, a vocal supporter of eco-friendly knitting and crochet. Gaia, knit in 100% recycled Berroco Remix™, is a lovely example of the kinds of patterns you'll see at Caterpillar Knits, Kristen's collection of designs for eco-friendly yarns.

Free Patterns Gaia is a delightfully uncomplicated cardigan, with nary a seam in sight! A lacy bodice is knit in one piece and the garment is finished with short-row set-in sleeves.

Gaia - Free Pattern  

Knit in
Berroco Remix™
Skill level: Experienced
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Berroco Remix™

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