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I was pretty far into my knitting career when I finally tried my hand at knitting a circular sweater. The mechanics had seemed daunting, but in retrospect I wish I'd known sooner how fun it can be. Circular sweaters require minimal finishing and, with pullovers, the right side of the fabric is always facing you (a BIG plus for Fair Isle color work). From a knitter's perspective, there's great satisfaction in watching the pieces of your sweater come together simultaneously. And, as I eventually discovered, there's nothing scary about following circular sweater patterns. I've pulled together my favorite circular or mostly circular booklet and free patterns to inspire your next project.

For more tips on knitting in the round, see our latest blog post.

Free Patterns Buzios, knit in the round from the bottom up, this light and breezy pullover can be dressed up or down and worn from beach to office.

Buzios - Free Pattern  

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