Choosing the "Two Circulars" Route

Knitting with Two Circulars - How to Video Sawtelle, Free Pattern

Driving can be a lot like knitting. When you know alternate routes, you're able to avoid traffic and construction. When knitting, there are plenty of needle options for working in the round, but often circumstances will determine that one technique is better for a project. Many knitters find two circulars more manageable than double points, making them ideal for tubes with a small diameter such as socks, arm warmers, or sleeves on a sweater like Sawtelle, this week's free pattern. The needles' flexible cords mean you'll have an easier time maintaining tension when switching needles, and can be really helpful for seeing the exact width of your knitting even while on the needles. Watch our video for a demo on knitting with two circulars and don't forget to visit our how-to video archives for more helpful tips!

Free PatternsSoft simplicity - our Sawtelle cardigan for girls 2-12 is made entirely of knit sts and the only seaming is at the shoulders.

Sawtelle - Free Pattern  

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