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The subtle hint of sparkle in Berroco Flicker™ gives the perfect opportunity to dress it up or down. A garment made using Flicker can fit in easily on a night out, or add flair to a laid-back FREE Flicker eBookpair of jeans. Whether it's a graceful shoulder warmer or a delicate scarf, the combination of lightweight baby alpaca and a bit of glitter will stylishly ward off a chill. Our FREE Flicker eBook, published when Flicker made its debut, features five elegant accessory patterns and a beautifully textured sweater.

Flicker's chainette construction and distinctive range of soft colors make it ideal for showcasing detailed stitch work, and the pattern collection takes full advantage of it. Download all 6 free Flicker patterns as one eBook to keep on your computer or eReader. If you prefer, individual patterns are available by clicking on the images above. Whether you're off to an evening concert or planning a stroll to the farmer's market, you're sure to find the perfect complement to your outfit. And don't forget to check out this week's blog post for some great independent designs featuring Berroco yarns!

Free PatternsZeikova, a reversible adult topper, cleverly inspired by twisted nursery caps.

Betty - Free Pattern  

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Berroco Flicker™
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Berroco Flicker™

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