Audio Slideshow - Booklet #312 
Get a closer look at each pattern booklet. Norah and Cirilia talk you through each garment, showing alternate angles and close-ups, along with their personal tips.

Berroco Boboli™
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I'll never forget the look on my friend's face the first time she knit with a multicolored yarn. Her eyes were wide as she held up her project and said "I can't stop... I always need to see what's coming next!" The mesmerizing color transitions of Berroco Boboli™ are sure to keep crafters entertained for just that reason. With every row, a new composition of shimmering colors ends up on the needle. Available in twelve quirky but sophisticated colorways, this blend of wool, acrylic and viscose creates a soft fabric with a subtle shine.
Berroco Boboli shades

With that as inspiration, Norah and Cirilia designed Booklet #312 Berroco Boboli, a beautiful collection of flattering silhouettes with unexpected details. Ruffles, pompons, and textured stitches are added to classic shapes, resulting in distinctive but refined sweaters and accessories. To listen to Norah and Cirilia talk about their designs and see additional shots of each item from Booklet #312, watch the audio slideshow.

Flip Book - Booklet #312

Free PatternsCleverly seamless, Jujuba is worked from cuff to center and joined with a decorative three needle bind off. You'll find the same construction in its cousin, Buckland.

Jujuba - Free Pattern  

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