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Right Twist & Left Twist Stitches - How to Video Tolland, Free Pattern

Right and left twist stitches are the perfect building blocks for creating easy but impressive knitted textures. Worked over just two stitches without using a cable needle, right and left twists can be repeated in a wide variety of ways, resulting in a number of fascinating fabric possibilities. 

Scuro Aquamarina WishboneFor example, Scuro from Booklet #314 uses right twists worked in a column to make mini cables between the large cabled panels. Aquamarina from Norah Gaughan vol. 7 features a center panel of right and left twists arranged to create a woven look. Columns of twist stitches are worked into cables on the front of Wishbone, a free pattern from our KnitBits archive. This week’s free pattern, Tolland, features twist stitches worked in diagonal lines, another texture option. Watch our video for a demo on knitting right and left twist stitches and be sure to take a look at our how-to video archives for more helpful tutorials.

Free PatternsJust enough to cover bare shoulders, Tolland's swingy silhouette is punctuated with diagonal columns of eyelets and twisted sts.

Tolland - Free Pattern  

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