Audio Slideshow - Booklet #315 
Get a closer look at each pattern booklet. Norah and Cirilia talk you through each garment, showing alternate angles and close-ups, along with their personal tips.

"When I was younger, we had only two or three yarns to choose from. It's amazing to see the selection available now!" While working as a yarn shop employee, I frequently heard this comment from customers. It's a great time to be a crafter - spinners and dyers are constantly coming up with new techniques and exciting yarns.

Berroco CampusBerroco NanukSundaeBerroco Peruvia Quick
Berroco BorealisBerroco Tweed ChunkyBerroco Tweed MetallicLustra

When designing Booklet #315 Bohemian Mix, Norah and Cirilia decided to take full advantage of the wide variety of yarns available. The result is an eclectic blend of colors and textures within every garment. Berroco Campus®, Sundae®, Berroco Peruvia® Quick, Berroco Borealis®, Blackstone Tweed® Chunky, Berroco Nanuk™, Blackstone Tweed® Metallic and even Lustra® all make appearances. Intriguing to make and full of new color possibilities, these patterns encourage knitters and crocheters to mix and match. Watch the audio slideshow to hear Norah and Cirilia talk about their designs and see additional shots of each item from Booklet #315.

Flip Book - Booklet #315

Free PatternsUlster sleeves, our trendy and popular arm warmers make a perfect first project.

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