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One of my favorite things about planning a new project is choosing the colors. As knitters, we have access to wider color ranges than what you'll find at a shopping mall, and it's fun to take full advantage of it. This week's free pattern, Sawtelle Adult, is the perfect opportunity to try experimenting with exciting color combinations.

SawtelleSawtelle Adult is the grownup version of our popular child's cardigan, Sawtelle, knit in Berroco Remix®. To learn more about this exciting recycled yarn, click here. Soft and versatile, wool-free Remix comes in 17 tweedy shades ideal for mixing and matching. I knitted up a few sample swatches in different colorways, ranging from funky and bright to sophisticated and subdued. Of course, these are only a starting point. What combinations can you dream up?

Free PatternsOur Sawtelle Adult cardigan is made entirely of knit sts and the only seaming is at the shoulders. It's the grown up version of our popular Sawtelle, for girls.

Sawtelle Adult - Free Pattern  

Sawtelle Adult
Knit in Berroco Remix®
Skill level: Easy
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Berroco Remix®
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