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Figuring out a new knitting technique can be a fun and empowering experience. Good written instructions are often enough, but sometimes you just need to watch someone go through the process, step by step. If you have a knitting expert close by, it's simple enough to drop by and ask for a demonstration. If you're out on your own, though, how can you get a tutorial?

We've got you covered with our how-to video library. Topics range from basic things (like Purl Stitch or Knitting an I-Cord) to more advanced techniques (Reading Cable Charts or Twisted Stitches), and we're frequently adding new ones to the list. Be sure to browse through our entire archive to find tips on finishing, embellishments, and crochet. This week's free pattern, André, features welt details on the pockets... And we have a video to help you with the welt technique!

Free PatternsOur feminine take on the motorcycle jacket, André is soft and sparkling with interesting welted details.

André - Free Pattern  

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