Inspiring and Unexpected Color Combinations

A few years ago when I worked in a yarn shop, people sometimes surprised me by walking in and announcing that they didn't knit or crochet at all. Instead, they just wanted to admire all the gorgeous colors. When I stopped to think about it, there aren't many places where you can wander freely through shelves filled with color, getting delightfully lost in the wide spectrum laid out before you. When seeing all the yarns together like that, new and unexpected color and texture combinations become easier to see. It's a wonderful source of inspiration!

FreddoThis week's free pattern, Freddo, captures some of that same spirit by unexpectedly mixing together two yarns that could easily be sitting next to each other in a yarn shop display: softly heathered Berroco Voyage™ and shimmering multicolored Berroco Boboli™. I've knitted up a few alternate colorways to help inspire you to explore all the exciting color possibilities.

Freddo, alternate colorways, knit in Berroco Voyage and Berroco Boboli

Free PatternsVoyage's subtly heathered shades and the more gregarious multi-colors of Boboli are in perfect harmony in this cardigan.

Freddo - Free Pattern  

Knit in Berroco Voyage™
& Berroco Boboli™
Skill level: Easy
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