Knitting a Bobble

Knitting a Bobble - How to Video Wisteria, Free Pattern

One of my favorite things about knitting is that so many amazing textures can be achieved through small manipulations of basic stitches, and bobbles are a perfect example. Achieved by rapidly increasing then decreasing again into a single stitch, a bobble creates an round raised shape above the surface of a knitted fabric. 

As with most techniques in the world of knitting, there are many ways to knit a bobble. Because of this, individual patterns that feature bobbles will specify the details for making them. This week’s free pattern, an update on our Wisteria poncho/pullover knit in softly heathered Berroco Voyage™, uses a distinctive pattern of cables and bobbles to create extraordinary texture. For a demo on knitting Wisteria’s bobble stitch, check out our video. Don’t forget to look through our other how-to videos for more helpful tutorials!

Free PatternsA sweater that has evolved from the poncho, Wisteria is a trapeze raglan turtleneck pullover. It features a tree design composed of cables and bobbles. As opposed to sleeves, it has cuffs that join the bottom front and back hems.

Wisteria - Free Pattern  

Knit in Berroco Voyage™
Skill level: Intermediate
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