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When you're busy going to school, playing at recess, and being nice to your little brother, the last thing you want to worry about is your sweater. Luckily, Berroco's range of soft, easy-care yarns has you covered. This season, we're proud to introduce two new washable wool blends: irresistibly textured Berroco Circus™ and mesmerizing multihued Vintage® Colors.
Berroco CircusVintage Colors

In addition to these new yarns, Booklet #320 Big Kids/Little Kids also includes patterns using Berroco Comfort®, Berroco Comfort® DK, Berroco Comfort® Chunky, Vintage®, Vintage® DK, Vintage® Chunky, Berroco Weekend®, Berroco Weekend® Chunky, and Berroco Remix™. Norah and I designed the collection to cover a wide range of styles and ages, so this jumbo-sized booklet features 27 individual designs with almost every garment sized from a children's 2 to 12. To hear Norah and I discuss the designs and see additional shots of each item, watch our audio slideshows. There were so many patterns that we had to split the slideshow into two parts!
Flip Book #320

Free PatternsThe mesmerizing color transitions in Vintage® Colors are framed by solid ribbed edgings in Mirador, a cozy child's blanket.

Mirador - Free Pattern  

Knit in Berroco Vintage®
& Vintage® Colors
Skill level: Easy
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