Dropping a Stitch... On Purpose!

Dropped Stitch - How to Video Kabak, Free Pattern

Dropping stitches is like working with fire. Sometimes when a stitch drops by accident it can run speedily through your entire fabric, wreaking havoc and leaving you with a significant amount of repair work. Under proper control, however, a dropped stitch can be a unique decorative element that enhances a knitted project. Mastering dropped stitches is like burning candles or using a fireplace - the fire is controlled and beautiful, instead of destructive.

Dropped stitches add interest to the fronts of Kabak, this week's free pattern. Gorgeous multicolored Berroco Versa™ is a perfect yarn for showing off dropped stitches, since its flat ribbon construction and smooth cotton blend allow stitches to run easily without snagging. For a demo on working the dropped stitch pattern featured in Kabak, check out our how-to video. Don't forget to look through our other how-to videos for more helpful tutorials.

Free PatternsA tailored knit shirt with an interesting drop stitch detail, nestled in bias stitch panels.

Kabak - Free Pattern  

Knit in Berroco Versa™
Skill level: Intermediate
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Berroco Versa™
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