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Shake It Up With Shaker Rib

Shaker Rib - How to Video Casale, Free Pattern

As a new knitter, ribbing was the next stitch pattern I learned after mastering garter stitch and stockinette. Rib patterns are a great stepping stone for beginners on their way to fancier stitches, since there are lots of interesting variations and techniques to learn. Best of all, anyone with a basic understanding of knit and purl stitches will be ready to explore the wide variety of rib patterns.

This week's free sweater pattern, Casale, is worked in smooth, satiny Berroco Captiva™ and features two types of ribbing. The edges use a standard knit 2, purl 2 rib knitted on smaller-than-usual needles for a tight, clean finish. The stitch pattern on the body is a pretty variation of knit 1, purl 1 rib called Shaker Rib, and it's worked on larger needles to create a more open, breathable fabric. For a demo on working the Shaker Rib stitch pattern, watch our new how-to video. Don't forget to check out our other how-to videos for more helpful tutorials.

Free PatternsA classic ribbed pullover looks updated and modern when worked in smooth, lightweight Captiva.

Casale - Free Pattern  

Knit in
Berroco Captiva™
Skill level: Intermediate
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Berroco Coptiva™ DK
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