Decreasing Gracefully

Decrease Corbie, Free Pattern

"Decrease "X" sts across the row." Have you ever come across this sentence in a knitting pattern? It's a standard instruction when print space is tight, but if quick calculations aren't your strong suit (and I include myself in this category) it might seem like a tricky maneuver. In the new tutorial on our blog, I'll walk you through a simple way to calculate those decreases step by step using this week's free pattern, Corbie, as my first example.

An adorable children's cardigan that combines two yarns, Corbie will give you the perfect opportunity to practice your calculating skills. The bottom ribbing is worked in Vintage® Chunky while the body is knit in Berroco Circus™, so the the first row after the ribbing will require some decreasing. Grab a pencil and scrap paper and let's tackle the challenge!

Free PatternsCorbie is an easy double breasted, hooded Paddington coat with a fascinating texture and contrasting trim, in little girl sizes.

Corbie - Free Pattern  

Corbie Knit in
Berroco Circus™ &
Berroco Vintage® Chunky
Skill level: Intermediate
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Berroco Circus™
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Vintage® Chunky
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