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Basic Cables - Video Alexi, Free Pattern

Cable stitches are perhaps the most impressive and distinctive patterns in a knitter's arsenal. The amazing texture and intricate detail of cables never fail to earn the admiration of knitters and non-knitters alike. While cabled patterns often look complicated, the truth is that they all stem from a very straightforward technique.

The stitch count and direction of the cable may differ, but the basic structure of each cable is always the same. To work a cable, you can use a cable needle to change the order in which certain stitches are worked, creating the unmistakable "crossed over" look in your fabric. By combining individual cable stitches in a larger panel, beautiful effects can be achieved. Watch our new how-to video for a tutorial on working a basic cable, and then try out your skills on Alexi, this week's free pattern in Vintage®. And if you find the video helpful, be sure to check out our how-to-video library to see more.

Free PatternsA classic Aran cardigan knit in Vintage.

Alexi - Free Pattern  

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