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Tassels - Video Riacho, Free Pattern

Tassels can be a fun way to give a knitted or crocheted item an added dose of whimsy. In addition to lending style and charm to your projects, they're also fun to make. Every step of the process is easy, and they don't require a big time investment. For examples of patterns that feature tassels, take a look at Miller from Booklet #320 Big Kids/Little Kids, and Sorolla from Booklet #307 Linsey.

Riacho, this week's free pattern, is worked with two beautifully multicolored strands of Linsey™ held together. Large tassels at each corner show off the yarn's amazing colors and add the finishing touch. For a demo on making the tassels used in the pattern, check out our video. Don't forget to look through our other how-to videos for more helpful tutorials.

Free PatternsLinsey's colors blend beautifully in Riacho, a summer lap robe, made of large grannie squares and adorned with big tassels.

Riacho - Free Pattern  

Riacho Crocheted in
Skill level: Easy
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