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At first glance, Berroco Elements™ might look like a simple solid-colored yarn. Once you take a closer look, though, you’ll begin to notice subtle but beautiful details. A soft two-toned look is created by enclosing fuzzy wool within a shimmering nylon mesh, letting the fibers poke through to create a gentle halo of color. The result is a smooth and lustrous yarn that can make even the simplest stitch patterns look polished and elegant.

Berroco Elements™

When we designed Booklet #321 Elements, Norah and I created a collection of sleek and sophisticated garments that show off Elements’ beautiful texture and stitch definition. We’ve also included 360-degree views of each of the sweaters on their individual web pages - check out Pegasi’s page, for example. To hear Norah and Andra (our New England sales rep) discuss the designs and see additional shots of each project, watch our audio slideshow.

Flip Book #321

Free PatternsA scaled down version of our Tauri shawl, this garter stitch neckwarmer is a riff on a classic keyhole scarf.

Tauri Mini - Free Pattern  

Tauri Mini
knit in
Berroco Elements™
Skill level: Easy
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Berroco Elements™