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Knit Stitch: English Style - Video Everett, Free Pattern

The knit stitch is the foundation of an entire craft, and the first stitch a beginner learns. As with so many things in knitting, there is more than one way to execute a knit stitch, and there’s no single “right” way to do it. Most knitters tend to fall into one of two categories: English style (throwing) or Continental style (picking).

In most cases, it seems that knitters will stick with the technique they were first taught, but it can be fun to try learning the alternate version too. For a demonstration on how to work a knit stitch in the English style, watch our new how-to video. Keep your eyes peeled for KnitBits issue #460, when we’ll offer up a demonstration of the stitch in the Continental style. If you find the video helpful, be sure to explore our how-to video library to see more.

Free PatternsA button flap at the shoulder adds interest to this simple stockinette top worked in drapey Seduce®.

Everett - Free Pattern  

Everett knit in
Skill level: Intermediate
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