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If youíre a lover of color, youíll adore Berroco Boboli™ Quick. Three strands of Boboli™, our gorgeous multicolored wool blend, are plied together to create Boboli Quick, a soft and shimmering yarn that works up speedily on #15 needles. Though all three strands are dyed in the same colorway, each starts at a different point, resulting in a fascinating mix of color combinations.

Berroco Boboli™ Quick

When we designed Booklet #324 Boboli, Borealis, Boboli Quick, Norah and I developed a collection of easy patterns that show off the beautiful shifting colorways of the Boboli family and Borealis®, another gorgeous multicolored yarn. We’ve also added 360-degree views of each of the sweaters on their individual web pages - visit Hillsideís page for an example. To hear Norah and Andra (our New England sales rep) talk about the designs and see more photos, watch our audio slideshow.

Flip Book #324

Free PatternsStriping two multicolored shades of Berroco Versa™ adds interest to this easy L shaped shawl.

Candlewood - Free Pattern  

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Berroco Versa™
Skill level: Easy
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Berroco Versa™
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