Ric Rac™ Long Print

It only takes a few minutes of browsing your local yarn shop’s shelves to see that novelty yarns are back in a big way. Dazzling colors, unusual textures, and the appeal of an amazingly quick project are proving irresistible. Ric Rac™, our distinctive ruffle yarn, possesses all of these qualities, and now we’re happy to introduce an intriguing new version for novelty fans to love: Ric Rac™ Long Print.

Bewitch - Free PatternThough it has the same V-shaped construction as the original, the long print version offers new colorations that slowly transition throughout the hank, providing mesmerizing changes from start to finish. The two yarns are interchangeable, so our patterns featuring Ric Rac can be used for Ric Rac Long Print as well.

Video - Bewitch: Knit or CrochetBewitch, our ruffled scarf pattern, is printed on the back of every yarn label, and you can watch our how-to videos for a quick demonstration. Check out the video of your choice, grab a hook or needle, and try out Ric Rac Long Print!

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Ric Rac™ Long Print

Amanda Keep