Purling in the Continental Style

Purl Stitch, Continental Style - Video Checkerboard, Free Pattern

Today we’re picking up where we left off at the end of KnitBits issue #465. In that newsletter, we began exploring different methods for working a purl stitch and included a video demo on what’s commonly referred to as the English style, or “throwing.” Now we’re putting the focus on purling in the Continental style, or “picking,” so check out our new how-to video for a demonstration. If you find the video helpful, be sure to explore our extensive how-to video library for more.

Free PatternsThis cozy throw combines the fun texture of Circus with the beautiful color transitions of Vintage Colors.

Checkerboard - Free Pattern  

Checkerboard knit in
Berroco Circus™ &
Vintage® Colors
Skill level: Easy
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Berroco Circus™
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Vintage® Colors
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