Hand Washing Your Projects

When your yarn label advises you to hand wash only, it can seem intimidating.
However, hand washing isnít nearly as scary as it sounds.

Handwashing - Step 1  

1 To start, fill your sink with cool water and add a little bit of a good-quality no-rinse delicate wash.

Handwashing - Step 2  

2 If your project has two or more different colors of yarn, be sure to test wash your gauge swatch first and allow it to dry - if you see any color bleeding, stop right there (and mark that item for dry cleaning only). Otherwise, submerge your project in the sink and allow the water the fully soak into the yarn. You can swish the item around gently, but thereís no need to scrub at it, since the no-rinse wash is doing the heavy work.

Handwashing - Step 3
Handwashing - Step 3

3 Lift your project out of the sink and gently squeeze out the excess water, without doing any crazy twisting or wringing that could wrinkle the item. Roll it in a towel to help absorb more moisture, then lay it flat to dry, reshaping if necessary.

Thatís all! Itís easy and surprisingly quick, and your finished projects will
keep looking beautiful for a long time.

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Berroco Lodge™
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