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It’s January and there are lots of cold, snowy days ahead for many of you, as well as us here in New England. What better way to escape the cold than knitting and dreaming of someplace warm? You can pick a few projects from our collection for Spring/Summer 2015! We have four new yarns that were used to create nine beautifully curated pattern booklets. Fiora™ is a perfect trans-seasonal yarn made from a combination of wool, alpaca, cotton and viscose fibers. Mixer™ is a jazzier option made of shimmering lightweight materials that are fused together to create a fabric with incredible drape. Indigo™ and Espresso™ complete the collection as our go-to cotton yarns. Perfect for the heat of summer, Indigo comes in every shade of denim imagined while Espresso is a fabulously colorful, bulky alternative. 

New Pattern Booklets: Now Available

Booklet #353, Berroco Indigo™
Booklet #353
Berroco Indigo™
  Booklet #354, Berroco Mixer™
Booklet #354
Berroco Mixer™
  Booklet #355, Berroco Fiora™
Booklet #355
Berroco Fiora™
Berroco Booklet #36, Berroco Espresso™
Booklet #356
Berroco Espresso™
  Booklet #357, Berroco Comfort® for Baby
Booklet #357
Berroco Comfort®
for Baby
  Booklet #358, Berroco Modern Cotton™ Women
Booklet #358
Berroco Modern Cotton™
Booklet #359, Wardrobe
Booklet #359
  Berroco Booklet #360, Folk Art
Booklet #360
Folk Art
  Norah Gaughan vol.16
Norah Gaughan vol.16
Prime Meridian

New Yarns: Now Available

Spring/Summer 2015 Yarns

Berroco Fiora™

With the stitch definition of cotton, the drape of viscose, the bounce of wool and the shimmer of alpaca, Fiora™ is an artisanal blend of the finest fibers.

Berroco Mixer™

As the name suggests, Mixer™ is a fine and fanciful yarn made up of soft, lightweight materials fused together to create a beautiful devoré fabric with fabulous drape.

Berroco Espresso™

Espresso™ is a cotton blend with a vibrant hand-dyed look that knits up quickly, creating beautiful pieces that are machine washable and easy to care for.

Berroco Indigo™

Made 100% of recycled fibers, Indigo™ comes in a palette of blues and playful brights and creates a beautiful finished fabric for you to wear and enjoy.

Expanded Color Ranges: Now Available

We have expanded color ranges for many of our existing yarns. Click on the links below to see our updated shade cards.

Berroco Design Studio Blog - Spring/Summer 2015
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Happy Knitting,
Emily Nora O'Neil, Designer

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